Our springs are used in just about every industry sector, which could be power generation, paper and pulp industry, but also offshore, automation and infrastructure.

Cold forming maximum thickness 5 mm, hot forming maximum thickness 12 mm

Cold and hot coiling from 0.03 - 65 mm wire diameter

For window balancers, counter balancers, point-of-purchase shelving, displays, etc.

In spring steel, stainless steel or super alloys depending on your requirements

Circular rings made from a coiled helical spring

For winding cables, hoses, safety belts with maximum strip thickness 2 mm

Individual cutting methods and flexible packaging

For grassland harvesting and tillage up to 14 mm wire diameter

Wire diameter 0.2 to 18 mm for static, quasi static and dynamic loads

For car seats and other applications from 4 – 9 mm wire diameter

Helical torsion springs in wire dimensions from 0.03 - 26 mm

Typically used in secateurs for gardening and in railway buffers

Reduced installation length by up to 50% with a outer diameter of 9-250 mm

Free-form components with and without a spring function


The Lesjöfors Group is a global manufacturer with the market’s widest range of springs, gas springs and pressings.