Lesjöfors Brands

Our brands all have strong local roots and are often among the pioneers in their country. They are our most valuable asset and many of them are successful leaders in their respective markets. 

10 Companies – 8 Countries – 2 Continents

European Springs & Pressings LTD

John While Group

Metrol Springs Ltd

S & P Federnwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Spiralspecialisten AB

Stece Fjädrar AB

Stumpp + Schüle GmbH

Tribelt B.V.

Velleuer GmbH & Co. KG

Verenfabriek De Spiraal B.V.


Our extensive network, dedicated resources, commitment, market insights and collective experience has repeatedly proven to be a competitive advantage to the companies we support.

We have a decentralised structure, allowing you to continue to be responsible for your business but offering you access to our entire global range, expertise and production. Knowledge sharing is key to our strength.