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We are Lesjöfors

The Lesjöfors Group provides the widest range of springs and pressings to customers in diverse industries across the world. With a unique expertise in high technological, custom-made solutions and a flexible manufacturing capacity, Lesjöfors is the premier partner for all spring requirements. 

Our Services

We offer a number of services over and above our standard range. The goal is to be able to help our customers through the entire process.

We are happy to support you in all development processes regarding product development. This especially applies to the production of prototypes in different project development phases.

Our vision is to be a present partner, serve our customers locally. Over the years we have seen that our local presence is an absolute success factor.

In short, we offer a “one-stop shop” as a service provider for problem-solving, technical support, development and production.

We achieve the best and most cost effective solution when we get the opportunity to be a part of the project from the very beginning.

Lesjöfors’ range of standard stock springs is unique with more than 10,000 different items. Our highly efficient store of stock springs guarantees high delivery reliability.

At Lesjöfors, we package all our products individually according to customer specifications in cardboard boxes or plastic small-load carriers.

There are many other service topics with which we are happy to support you. Our goal is to be able to assist our customers with their spring solutions through the entire process.

Our Industries

We supply our products to companies in a large number of different industries. Irrespective of where you need touse a standard spring or a specially made component, we can help you to find an optimum solution.

The challenges in the automotive industry have never been as high as they are today. We are working on solutions to meet these needs.

The variety of different applications in which springs are used in the electronics industry is hard to capture.

The main focus of our products for the agricultural industry lies in spring tines for machinery and equipment for grassland harvesting and tillage.

We master the challenges for transport and traffic, for the infrastructure and construction of buildings.

Springs that are used in the harsh environment of fluid power must be particularly durable and resistant. We solve this challenge together with our customers.

Our springs delivered to the machine and tools industry are available in many different materials for different environments.

Springs turn up in all sorts of applications, but one of the most important businesses they are used in is undoubtedly the medical industry.

We design and manufacture precision springs, as they are required in safety relevant and safety critical applications, such as those found mainly in the oil and gas industry.

Power for your business. particular industry is a great example to explain that springs are an extremely important part of everyday life. 

Just as our products are extremely diverse, they also allow an almost unlimited spectrum of use.

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